Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Top 10 Favorite Cards (#6-10)

I wasn't sure how much text I could cram into a post, so here's the last half of my list.

6.) 1980 Topps #479 Expos team checklist

The Expos had a pretty good year in 1979. They finished second in the NL East to the Pittsburgh Pirates, who ended up winning the World Series. (I consider myself a Pirates fan, which has lately been like saying you're a fan of the Titanic.) I like to think of this as the real rookie card of Tim Raines (#32). He was only used in baserunning situations in 1979, and wouldn't get his actual first card until 1981 Topps Traded.

7.) 1990 Donruss MVP #BC12 John Smoltz (both versions)

1990 Donruss is known for some pretty weird errors (like the Juan Gonzalez Rated Rookie reverse negative and 3 different versions of the Nolan Ryan King of Kings card), but I think this one takes the cake. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that John Smoltz and Tom Glavine don't look anything alike, but someone still got them screwed up. I think my favorite thing about this pair of cards is that they're both still pitching in Atlanta. (Smoltz has been there since 1988, while Glavine is back after a few years elsewhere.)

8.) 1999 UD Choice Mini Bobble Heads #3 Chipper Jones

More Braves! (This should make dayf happy. :-P ) I actually forgot I had this card until last night, when I was looking for cards to write about. If you fold it up right, you can make a little bobblehead out of it. I think it's a pretty neat idea for cards, but it also makes me wonder how many people actually folded them up as opposed to keeping them in one piece (like mine).

9.) 2006 Bowman Chrome Refractor #205 Matt Capps #1/150

Ooooh. Shiny rainbow cards. (The scan really doesn't do it justice.) This is the first refractor I ever pulled. I got it out of a 3 card pack of Bowman Chrome that I got in a $10 Walmart repack box (more on those later). I think it's neat that you can still pull cards serial numbered #1 out of whatever, two years after the product was released. This was the rarest card in my collection until I got...

10.) 2006 Topps Heritage Real Ones Autographs Red Ink #ROA-FR Frank Robinson #17/57

This is why I love those repack boxes. If I'm not mistaken, the box this was in sat on the shelves for months before I decided to get it. As soon as I saw this card, I knew it was special. I mean, Frank Robinson was one of the greatest players ever, AND he was the first black manager! I don't really pay attention to how much my cards are worth, but for some reason, I decided to look this one up.

It's worth 150 dollars.

When I saw that, I was shocked. Stunned. I still can't believe a card like that got thrown in a repack box, but I'm glad it did.

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--David said...

Sweet pull on the Robinson card! I've got several (non-autos though!) from his Tribe-playing days. :-)