Thursday, May 29, 2008

WV Spotlight: Charlie Manuel

I'm not too familiar with any part of WV farther south than Summersville, so I had no idea where Northfork was before I looked it up. It was consolidated with the town of Clark in 1948, so that should tell you how old Charlie Manuel really is.

I like Charlie because he was a player that later became a manager, and he also played in Japan, where he earned the nickname Aka Oni (Red Devil). When he played in Japan, he and a couple of his teammates got into a fight with the East German hockey team. (As you can imagine, he didn't fare too well.)

He didn't get too much playing time in the Majors (384 at-bats in 242 games over 6 years), but he's made up for it with his success as a coach and manager. The worst any of his clubs have finished in their division is 3rd (2002 Indians).

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