Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pack Break: 2008 Topps Heritage

I've been meaning to do a pack break on here for a while, but I always sorted my cards out before I could write down what I got. Well, I've got a pack of '08 Heritage (my favorite set of the year) that I surprisingly haven't opened yet. Let's see what we got.

100 Jack Cust
272 Aaron Harang
111 Reds team card
138 Steve Pearce Rookie Stars
piece of (surprisingly good) gum
358 Hideki Okajima
265 Aaron Rowand
C75 Billy Butler rainbow refractor #309/599
C55 Hanley Ramirez rainbow refractor #520/599
196 Jose Valverde black back

Whoa! I managed to get 9 cards in a nominally 8 card pack, and two of them were back-to-back rainbow refractors! I've only pulled one in all of the other packs I've opened put together, and to get two of them back-to-back is amazing. It makes up for the '08 Topps fat pack I got earlier today that only had one insert (a crappy Mantle history card) in it.

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