Saturday, July 19, 2008


A while ago, I was looking on eBay for cards to complete my goal of getting one card for every year that Topps made cards. I didn't find any of people I wanted which were in my price range, but I did find this lot of 1969 Topps cards that I couldn't pass up.

The key card in this lot was Bobby Cox. I had been wanting that card ever since the first time I saw it. I find it kinda ironic that he used to play for the Yankees. If it was just that card and 5 Joe Nobodys, I still would've bought the lot, but the other cards are pretty cool, too.

The next day, I get a package addressed to me from a guy named David Campbell. (This one? No, this one.) Dayf and I had been trying to work out a trade for a while, but he hadn't had time to look through the list of doubles I sent him (which I'll eventually post on here). He went ahead and sent me most of the cards I needed to finish my 2008 Topps series 1 set (I'm still 4 short), but I wasn't expecting him to send me these as well.

The one on the left is a 1955 Topps card of Forrest "Spook" Jacobs. He only played for 3 years, but his awesome nickname makes up for that. The other card is a 1962 card of George Altman. He was a pretty big star for the Cubs back in the day, and he also played in Japan for a while. The best thing about these is that now I only need three more years to finish the collection I was talking about (1952, 1954, & 1961).

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