Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Non-sports goodness!

I went through a phase where I collected pretty much every kind of card. Comic book cards, musician cards, football, basketball, you name it. I cut down to just baseball in the mid '90s, but I still have some of my old cards. The weird thing is that I got some of my coolest non-sports cards within the past year.

The card on the left is the newest addition to my collection, as well as my oldest card of any type. It's an 1886 Allen & Ginter "Flags of the Nations" (N9) card of Bolivia. I got it from dayf for winning a contest he held over at A Pack A Day. These cards were released in boxes of cigarettes.The card on the right is a standard-size card of Bigfoot, one of the coolest cards in 2008 A&G.

My best friend Josh gave me these two cards, which came from his grandmother. They're from the Indian Gum (R73) set released by the Goudey company sometime between 1933 and 1940. It's hard to believe that the gum used to be why kids would buy the cards. (Josh's mom said that she bought a pack of baseball cards for the gum, and she got a Mickey Mantle card. She doesn't know what she did with it.)

Lastly, we have another card Josh gave me. This one was cut form the back of a box of Little Debbie snack cakes. I've been on a huge They Might Be Giants kick lately, so I had to laugh when I found this. I totally forgot I had it, but I found it when I was looking for those Indian cards. Rather than ramble on about good Mr. Polk, I think I'll let the twin quasars of rock talk about him.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Take a card, leave a card!

Everyone knows that getting free cards is great, so I propose an experiment. This is probably the best idea I've come up with in a while. Here's how it'll work:

I'm gonna gather up a pile of random doubles and send them to someone I normally trade with (probably dayf). He'll take the cards he needs, add some to the pile, and send them to someone he normally trades with. They'll take what they need, add some more, and the cycle starts again.

To make this fair, I've come up with a few rules:

1.) You can't just take cards. You can take some and add some to the pile, or you can just add some if you're feeling generous.

2.) For every card you take, you have to put another card in the pile. Again, if you feel like adding cards without taking any, that's fine too.

3.) The cards can go to people who have received them before, but they can't send them to the person they sent them to the last time. For example, if I've sent cards to dayf once already, I can't send them to him again. Someone else can, though.

4.) Try not to add a lot of "junk wax" to the pile. Chris Harris probably wouldn't enjoy getting a huge stack of '88 Donruss. (I wouldn't mind, though. :-P) It would be nice to keep a good assortment of different years/products/teams in the pile.

5.) Try to keep the "tiptons" to a minimum, and only for vintage cards. Nobody wants any '91 Donruss with bad creases and badly rounded corners (which sucks, because I have quite a few of them).

How does this sound? Leave me a comment if you can think of any tweaks I need to add, or if you want in.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Set of the Year: 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter

God, I love this set. I mean, what other set has cards of Manny Ramirez, Friedrich Nietzche, Pluto (the planet), and a card with a piece of a meteorite or a wooly mammoth? I've been buying all I can find at the Walmart near here. Rather than bore you with a blaster break (which I actually have typed up), I'm gonna think outside the box (pun intended) and tell you what would be my dream pack. These are all cards in the set. Here goes:

Base Set:
250 Ichiro

Sure, people in Seattle don't like him any more, but I still do.

173 Rick Ankiel

A great story, which would've been better if he hadn't bought HGH back in '04.

197 Bigfoot

I almost picked Albert Einstein, but c'mon! It's BIGFOOT!

US48 Seth McClung United States of America (West Virginia)

A guy I never heard of from a state I know well.

WL12 Tarja Halonen World Leaders (Finland)

Why her? Here's why:

CS14 Edgar Rice Burroughs cut signature

If you like science fiction, I highly suggest you check out his Barsoom series of books. I can't WAIT until the "John Carter of Mars" movie Pixar's working on comes out in 2012.