Sunday, August 10, 2008

Set of the Year: 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter

God, I love this set. I mean, what other set has cards of Manny Ramirez, Friedrich Nietzche, Pluto (the planet), and a card with a piece of a meteorite or a wooly mammoth? I've been buying all I can find at the Walmart near here. Rather than bore you with a blaster break (which I actually have typed up), I'm gonna think outside the box (pun intended) and tell you what would be my dream pack. These are all cards in the set. Here goes:

Base Set:
250 Ichiro

Sure, people in Seattle don't like him any more, but I still do.

173 Rick Ankiel

A great story, which would've been better if he hadn't bought HGH back in '04.

197 Bigfoot

I almost picked Albert Einstein, but c'mon! It's BIGFOOT!

US48 Seth McClung United States of America (West Virginia)

A guy I never heard of from a state I know well.

WL12 Tarja Halonen World Leaders (Finland)

Why her? Here's why:

CS14 Edgar Rice Burroughs cut signature

If you like science fiction, I highly suggest you check out his Barsoom series of books. I can't WAIT until the "John Carter of Mars" movie Pixar's working on comes out in 2012.

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