Friday, October 31, 2008

More quick hits!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

* Mark from Stats on the Back sent me a nice stack of players that became managers. My favorites are this 1971 Topps card of Marcel Lachemann (which goes with the 1966 Topps card of his brother Rene that I got a few months ago), and this 1977 Topps card of Joe Torre. Thanks, Mark!

* As you know, the World Series is over, and the Phillies are world champions. Unfortunately, this means no baseball for 5 months, but as I've said before, we still have baseball cards.

* If you like playing flash games, check this one out. It's called Zombie Baseball, and it fits the Halloween season. It's a little gruesome for kids, though.


dayf said...


Nuke bat rules!

Billy Suter said...

I usually use the regular bat 99% of the time so I can knock the zombie's heads off.

Dinged Corners said...