Friday, October 24, 2008

Trick or treat, yo!


David over at Indians Cards has been sending out Trick or Treat packages for those of us that can't come and knock on his door. My box came in the mail today, and it was full of Piratey goodness. I had never seen some of the things he sent before, and there were some cards that I hadn't seen since I started collecting. I got all the big names (Honus, Maz, Pops, Clemente, Bonds), and quite a few Jason Kendall rookie cards (including an unbelievably awesome diecut card). My favorites were the vintage cards, especially this old piece of scrap iron. I have to say that this box of cards was right up my alley. Even Tim Wakefield would say that this turned out to be a fun pack of cards.

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--David said...

LOL, I am glad you enjoyed your TREAT!! :-) There was no way I was going to trick a fellow 'burgh fan!