Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blog Bat Around: What kind of collector am I?

After 20 years of collecting and 30 seconds of thought, I think I've decided what kind of collector I am.

I'm a packrat. I'll collect anything. I can buy Tristar boxes and be happy with what I got.

my collection

Here's my main collection. There's almost 28,000 cards here. Box #9 (bottom left) isn't full yet, but it'll be pretty close once I put these with the rest of my collection:

unboxed cards

Over the years, I've accumulated a BUNCH of doubles. Here they are:


I also collect weird subsets of players, which I've posted about here. My biggest card-collecting accomplishment was when I finally finished my "one card for every year Topps made cards" set. The last card I needed was a 1954, and I finally got one (Vern Law) this past August. I also finished four sets this year, which brings my total of completed sets to... four. :-P

The biggest hurdle I face as a small-town card collector is that there aren't any baseball card shops around here. There used to be one in town, but they closed up years ago. I have to go to Walmart to get new cards. All I have to say is thank God for eBay and people that like to trade cards!


gcrl said...


i have a stack of cards pulled for you. let me know where i can send 'em.


gcrl at

Motherscratcher said...

Packrat is an acceptable type of collector? That is great news. I've been stressing out trying decide what the heck I collect.

By the way, I'm an OSU alum. Which one of us is happier with Rich Rod's first season at the school up north?

Billy Suter said...

I don't care about Coach Rod either way. I'm glad we have Coach Stewart.

Fun fact: Coach Stewart is from New Martinsville (a town about 5 miles away, where I work and my g/f lives), and the offensive line coach (Jeff Casteel, I think) is from Paden City (the town I live in).