Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Has this ever happened to you?


What a mess! I'm sure a bunch of you have cards in your collection like this. My question is:

What do you do with doubles that are too beat up to trade?

Do you hold on to them? Do you throw them away? Do you recycle them?


Cardboard Addiction said...

I would send that out to be graded ASAP before anymore damage is done to it!

dayf said...

I had a Diego Segui card from the '60s that had been horribly attacked by a hole punch. I threw it out and regretted it ever since. I still have a bunch of early '80s cards that I trashed when I was a kid, but I won't trade 'em or throw them out because of the sentimental value. If I find an'88 Donruss or '90 Upper Deck card that is beat up, that sucker's going in the trash.