Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three Pack Break: 2008 UD Timeline

I had to go to the DMV in Moundsville about a week ago, and while I was in the area I decided to stop by the huge Walmart near there. They had some 2009s, which I bought (and forgot to post about... oops). When I got off work today, I stopped by the Walmart close to where I work in New Martinsville. I know the Wally World we have here is smaller than the one up in Moundsville, but I was still surprised to find that they didn't have ANY 2009s yet. I still wanted to get some cards, so I settled for 3 packs of Timeline (and a bag of jelly beans).

Pack 1:

22 Jake Peavy
40 Miguel Cabrera
13 Alfonso Soriano (with a dinged corner Patricia and Lucy would love)
84 Joey Votto RC
YSL2256 Johnny Mize Yankee Stadium Legacy
142 Albert Pujols '94 All-Time Heroes

Pack 2:

16 Lance Berkman
34 Nick Markakis
7 John Smoltz
25 Brandon Webb
64 Hiroki Kuroda RC
132 Frank Thomas '94 All-Time Heroes

Pack 3:

22 Jake Peavy (again)
40 Miguel Cabrera (Again.)
13 Alfonso Soriano (AGAIN!!!)
123 Max Scherzer RC '92 Minor League
181 Brandon Boggs RC '95 SP Top Prospects
292 Justin Ruggiano RC '04 Timeless Teams

I love this set, but the collation for the packs SUCKS. This wasn't as bad as the first two packs I ever bought of this set (three doubles in two packs), but it was pretty close. I hope the '09s come here soon.

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Dinged Corners said...

How does bad collation, bane of collectors, happen exactly? Because it only happens sporadically. Inquiring minds want to know.