Friday, July 6, 2012

1990 Topps Break part 1

I'm gonna start with the 1990 Topps and wait on the Bowman box until I can figure out how to get my stupid webcam to record and all that fun stuff.



623 Jim Corsi
366 Mike Heath
715 Greg Maddux
276 Gary Thurman
45 Dave Parker
258 Barry Lyons
561 Ken Dayley
536 Bob Geren Topps All-Star Rookie
Collector's Edition/Spring Fever card
92 Mike Stanley
430 Pete Incaviglia
4 Nolan Ryan: The Astros Years
667 Curt Wilkerson
475 Bob Welch
316 Carney Lansford
757 Larry Walker
32 John Farrell

This was an A's hot pack. The highlight was definitely the Nolan Ryan card, although the stats on the back of the Bob Geren card are quite impressive.

Best Picture: Mike Heath


"I found the ball!"


745 Hubie Brooks
176 Luis Quinones
282 Derek Lilliquist
681 Mike Schooler
634 Luis Polonia
131 Matt Nokes
544 Dennis Boyd
38 Wes Gardner
Collector's Edition/Spring Fever card
380 Dave Winfield
9 Eric Plunk
783 Checklist 6
217 Don Robinson
683 Kenny Rogers
458 Bob McClure
582 Rick Honeycutt
591 Todd Stottlemyre

The best card in here is the Winfield card. Everything else is just meh.

Best Picture: (tie) Dave Winfield and Kenny Rogers


Their facial expressions are great. Dave looks pissed off, and Kenny's showing off his oh face.


413 Brian DuBois
766 Brian Meyer
723 Jeff Robinson
684 Julio Machado
519 Bucky Dent MGR
631 John Wetteland
218 Wally Backman
99 Rich Monteleone
Topps Company Store card
269 Dickie Thon
12 Joe Girardi
334 Johnny Ray
792 Gerald Perry
355 Marty Barrett
297 Tom Herr
742 Ernie Whitt
471 Mike Brumley

Best Picture: Topps Company Store card


I wonder if anyone wore these hats.


109 Roberto Kelly
671 Bob Boone
174 Jeff Kunkel
53 Mike LaCoss
605 Mike Scioscia
233 Ken Hill
336 Ken Griffey Jr. Topps All-Star Rookie
521 Craig Worthington Topps All-Star Rookie
Topps Company Store card
434 Mark Carreon
378 Luis Salazar
134 Earl Cunningham #1 Draft Pick
604 Ron Robinson
59 Ted Power
271 Chet Lemon
407 Mark Davis All-Star
470 Frank Viola

THIS is what I'm talking about! Two All-Star Rookies, a draft pick and an All-Star. Griffey's the highlight of the pack, fo' sho'.

Best Picture: Ken Griffey Jr.


He looks so young and sad. Cheer up, Ken! You're gonna be around for a while.