Sunday, July 8, 2012

1990 Topps Break Part 3: PACK WARS!!

I know 1990 Topps is a pretty boring set, so I'm gonna try something different to spice this up a bit.


Round 1: Greg Briley TASR/Bob Dernier/Ken Howell/Vance Law

Winner: Briley, just because he was an All-Star Rookie. 1:0:0:0

Round 2: Joe Price/Harold Reynolds/Glenn Braggs/Bryn Smith

Winner: Harold Reynolds. "How do you throw with batting gloves on?" 1:1:0:0

Round 3: Dave Dravecky/Jack McKeon MGR/Chris Sabo/Craig McMurtry

Winner: Dave Dravecky. What a sad story. 2:1:0:0

Round 4: Steve Wilson/Mark Eichhorn/Randy Johnson/Todd Benzinger

Winner: Randy Johnson and his 40-yard stare. 2:1:1:0

Round 5: Candy Maldonado/Kevin Brown/Brian Fisher/Spike Owen

Winner: Spike Owen doing his best Joker impression. 2:1:1:1

Round 6: Ken Williams/Charlie O'Brien/Steve Frey/Mark Parent

Winner: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz.... huhwhat? Oh, I'm supposed to pick a winner? Um... *glances at the cards for a half second and blindly points at one* Steve Frey. 2:1:2:1

Round 7: Jeff King/Jay Tibbs/Carlos Martinez TASR/Steve Buechele

Winner: Jay Tibbs. Why not? 2:2:2:1

Round 8: Alan Trammell/Doc Gooden/Cito Gaston MGR/Jim Presley

Winner: ...crap. A tough one. I'm going with Trammell. 3:2:2:1

Round 9: Dennis Rasmussen/Jose Rijo/Bert Blyleven/Donald Harris #1DP

Winner: Bert Blyleven, no doubt. 3:2:3:1

Round 10: Ricky Horton/Scott Sanderson/Joe Magrane AS/Richard Dotson

Winner: Ricky Horton doing the funky chicken. 4:2:3:1

Round 11: Rob Ducey/Mark Davidson/Dan Murphy/Ron Jones

Winner: Dan Murphy and His Magical Mullet! 4:2:4:1

Round 12: Rafael Palmeiro/Mark Gardner FS/A. Bartlett Giamatti/Jose Uribe

Winner: Sorry, Mark. I gotta go with Bart on this one. 4:2:5:1

Round 13: Shawn Hillegas/Ron Oester/Joel Skinner/Jim Clancy

Winner: Jim Clancy. Pretty snazzy uniform. 4:2:5:2

Round 14: Jose DeJesus/Steve Searcy/Phil Stephenson/Don Slaught

Winner: Jose DeJesus. I'm not used to seeing him in anything other than a Phillies uniform. 5:2:5:2

Round 15: Dave Bergman/Carlos Quintana/Charlie Leibrandt/Pete O'Brien

Winner: Uh... *randomly points again* Charlie Leibrandt. 5:2:6:2

Round 16: Dick Howser MGR TBTC/Bill Doran/Bryan Clutterbuck/Rafael Santana

Winner: Dick Howser. Gotta love those Turn Back The Clock cards. 6:2:6:2

Well, lookie here! We got ourselves a tie! In such a situation, the tiebreaker is what pack has the most subsets in it. That means the winner is...


(I know, I know. WGASA?)